October 6, 2016

Our Services

We provide Exclusive Sales Agent services for aircraft owners in marketing aircraft worldwide. We are experts in turbine engine fixed and rotary wing aircraft sales and will help you acquire or sell your ideal aircraft.
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As your exclusive sale agent, we provide market analysis from our specialist research department to provide the aircraft owner a list of competing aircraft for sale, their specifications and their asking prices.

This will help the owner establish with us a realistic current fair market retail value of their aircraft and corresponding asking price. As exclusive sales agent, our efforts include aircraft advertising in specialized publications and sites, and distribution of aircraft details to our clients, partners and to other brokers worldwide.

Our sales and research departments conduct targeted sales calls and direct mailings to aircraft owners and operators of the make and model of the listed aircraft and to other aircraft types that we target as candidates for the potential purchase of the listed aircraft. Eighty percent of used executive aircraft purchases are purchased by entities that already own aircraft.

AML coordinates all aspects of the transaction with the owner including aircraft sales agreement, tax and customs matters, preliminary and pre purchase inspections, aircraft delivery, and closing. Specializing in deal – transaction structuring to maximize tax advantages of aircraft transactions such as I.R.S Section 1031 Tax Deferred Like Kind Exchanges.


We provide Purchasing Agent and Consulting services, assisting customers with the selection of an aircraft type best suited to the mission and budget.

AML coordinates everything from aircraft cost analysis and comparisons, market analysis, assisting in the construction of and negotiating of the aircraft purchase contract, matters related to sales, and other tax issues, preliminary and pre purchase inspections, aircraft delivery, and closing.

If requested, we can provide crew selection and training.

481930022 APPRAISALS

We are qualified and can be engaged to provide both desktop appraisals and appraisals after and on-site physical inspection of the aircraft and its records.

We provide appraisals for past, present, and future values.


Our maintenance management and or pre-purchase inspection services begin with review of the aircraft specifications and maintenance tracking reports to assist the client in the development of an appropriate work scope for the Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) or for the maintenance management of an existing aircraft.

Our recommended PPI work scope might incorporate suggestions to expand the work scope beyond the usual and customary PPI work scope suggested by the manufacturers or by the PPI facility engaged to conduct the PPI. We shall have the PPI Facility issue a lead-time, down time and cost quotation for final PPI work scope selected by the client to be included as an exhibit by the client in their pre-owned aircraft purchase agreement.

Our PPI services include having our representative on board the aircraft to participate in any aircraft repositioning flights and aircraft PPI test flights at which time we will also test the aircraft cockpit and cabin systems to verify that they are as represented, that they are functional and operative and the documentation related to them is complete and meets requirements.

We monitor and review on a daily basis the Pre-Purchase Inspection findings including those of the aircraft records audit and physical inspection of the aircraft, its engines and APU to ensure when the aircraft is returned to service by PPI Facility that the aircraft at delivery will meet the condition specified in the client’s pre-owned Aircraft Purchase Agreement.

We provide frequent written reports to client describing any aircraft documentation and records defects and discrepancies, and any physical defects and discrepancies discovered by our team and or found by the PPI Facility. We will classify the defects identified and shall coordinate with client recommended disposition of the discrepancies.

In addition, providing Systems Integrator actions that may include coordinator of airframe and engine inspections and avionics upgrades, cabin refurbishment and initial completions. To allow the client to have one professional source contracting and management for various functions of completions, upgrades and crew training.


Our new aircraft completion management capabilities start with a customized strategy to meet your requirements and continues through customer aircraft acceptance process until final customer delivery.

We will assist in developing your custom specifications and our specialists will work with best interior designer and technical centers for completion of your aircraft or modification of your existing aircraft.

Our on-site supervision will be available to managing day to day affairs of your aircraft completion or modification.

Our existing aircraft or newly acquired pre-owned aircraft interior refurbishment management capabilities adopt a conservative and proactive approach adapted to keep our customers flying their existing or newly acquired aircraft longer, including cost effective measures for upgrading platforms of interior refurbishment, paint, and cabin entertainment and communication systems, etc.