Company Overview

Aircraft Marketing, Ltd, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, was founded by Louis J. Kaminsky in August 1983 and is in the turbine powered fixed and rotary wing aircraft brokerage and sales industry. AML is a member in good standing of the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA), International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) and the Helicopter Association International (HAI), and is recognized in the industry as being well qualified to provide aircraft brokerage and sales services.

AML provides access to an international network of skilled personnel in all technical and financial aspects of the aircraft industry. The combined knowledge of the team provides our clients with the complex and detailed information necessary to make proper business decisions in both the acquisition and sale of an aircraft.  AML continually exposes its technical and sales personnel to data affecting the complex and constantly changing turbine powered aircraft market. In addition, AML maintains close communication with manufacturers' technical departments as well as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to stay fully informed regarding recent aircraft service bulletins, airworthiness directives, best maintenance practices, regulations and performance data.  With such a well-trained and fully informed sales and marketing team, AML can assure its clients that the numerous complexities associated with the sale or purchase of an aircraft will be fully met allowing the client to feel confident they are achieving the highest and best value in any transaction. AML has consistently earned it reputation for unmatched integrity and expertise in the industry worldwide.  

For many years AML has been very successful in assisting clients and working with the client's tax professionals in structuring Tax Deferred Like-Kind Exchanges. Through a Tax Deferred Exchange the aircraft is traded through our books as a partial payment trade-in towards the purchase of another aircraft. By using the Tax Deferred Exchange, the clients beginning basis to start tax depreciation of the newly acquired aircraft will be the purchase price of the newly acquired aircraft less the amount of gain (value given for traded-in aircraft). 

In addition to our qualified research department, a computerized marketing and research system allows AML to target potential buyers or sellers of business and commercial aircrafts of all kinds.  AML is regularly in contact with aircraft owners and operators worldwide providing timely important data on overall aviation market conditions.

After your receipt and review of the information provided, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss assisting your firm with your transportation requirements.

Aircraft Brokerage Company with computerized marketing and research system to target potential buyers and sellers of business and commercial aircraft. more...


Company Key People

Louis J. Kaminsky, President

Mr. Kaminsky founded Aircraft Marketing, Ltd in 1983 after some time as a sales representative for another well-known aircraft sales entity. He has over thirty years’ experience in the aviation business and has acquired keen insight into the tax issues, deal structuring and the business and negotiating aspects of the aircraft industry. He has acted in several instances as a court qualified expert in valuation matters involving aircraft of various kinds in litigation both in the USA and in Sweden. In addition, Mr. Kaminsky has had exposure in his early educational process to government when he served as a page and later as a legislative aide to a United States Congressman. As a result of the many personal relationships Mr. Kaminsky has developed over his career, both domestically as well as in the international aviation realm, AML has established its reputation as a leader in that industry.

Jesse Mata, Vice President

Mr. Mata has associated with AML since joining in 2008. He previously served other corporations in aerospace manufacturing, aerospace service centers, as well as time with advertising companies. His extensive background in computer technology, aviation, business administration as well as public and media relations, enables Mr. Mata to achieve a high level of knowledge to manage AML's research and marketing team. He has been successful in developing new methods which help meet the highest expectations of AML clients and has generated numerous international relationships due to his multilingual language skills as he is proficient in English, Spanish as well as Portuguese providing clients the various markets in which those languages are preferred for business transactions.

I. Samuel Kaminsky, Director of Business Development

Mr. Kaminsky formerly a practicing attorney since 1960 has now placed his law license voluntarily in retired status and has extensive experience in contract preparation and negotiation. He is based in the Washington D.C. area and has high-level contacts in Congress and the international diplomatic